Office of Payroll
Extended Year Employment (EYE)

The Department of Human Resources allocates days of EYE to principals and office heads who, in turn, assign the days to their teachers.  Below are links to EYE related documents.  Questions?  Call the Office of Payroll at 4240.

EYE Instructions to Principals and Office Heads.  This document includes basic EYE information and a time line for reporting days of EYE worked.  Days of EYE are:

  • an extension of the teacher’s normal duties and responsibilities.  These duties must be communicated to the teacher in writing (see the attached “Sample Letter to Teachers”).   
  • reported in WHOLE DAY increments using an on-line application.
  • paid two weeks in arrear.  Payments are mailed to the address on file in the Office of Payroll. Direct deposit remains in effect.  ALL employees are eligible for direct deposit.

EYE Calendar/Contract.  This document serves as agreement between the teacher and his/her principal/office head.  It includes general information about EYE and provides a space for teachers to report the anticipated dates that they will work their days of EYE.  Administrators should retain the completed form. 

EYE Instructions for Timekeepers

EYE Time Sheets. There are special EYE sign-in sheets which will be sent to schools and offices.  Teachers should initial the days worked and provide their employee identification number so that school and office timekeepers may enter this information into the on-line application.  The time sheets should be kept at the site for a minimum of 5 years or until audited.  THE DATA ON THESE TIME SHEETS WILL BE USED TO GENERATE TEACHERS’ PAY.  PLEASE NOTE THE TIMELINE FOR THE ON-LINE DATA ENTRY.

12-month EYE . Designated schools are allocated additional days of EYE for use during the school year.  The allocated days are converted to dollars so that principals may monitor their EYE budget.  Teachers report the EYE time worked IN HOURS on special EYE time sheets.  These time sheets will be sent to the designated schools prior to start of the regular school year. 

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