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Mock Trial Quiz Bowl
Black Saga National Geography Bee
National History Day Model Congress
Model United Nations  

Mock Trial The Baltimore County Office of Social Studies, the Maryland State Bar Association, and the Maryland Judicial Conference sponsor this student program. In this program, BCPS High School teams of between 8 and 12 students compete several times annually based on the annual case. The goals of this program are:

  • To further students' understanding and appreciation for the law, court procedures, and the legal system.

  • To increase proficiency in basic life skills such as listening, speaking reading, and critical thinking.

  • To promote better communication and cooperation between the school system, the legal profession, and the community at large.

  • To heighten enthusiasm for academic studies as well as career consciousness for law related professions.

State Mock Trial Winners from Baltimore County

Towson High School
Towson High School
Towson High School
Pikesville High School
Pikesville High School

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Quiz Bowl The Baltimore County Office of Social Studies in conjunction with the Weekly News Quiz Game sponsor this student program. In this program, BCPS teams compete several times annually based on current events and general knowledge questions.  James Clark,, Quiz Bowl Coordinator
Try a Question:

  • 5 Points- Maureen Reagan, the 60 year old daughter of former President Ronal Reagan, passed away in August of what type of cancer?
  • 10 Points- Who current serves as the chairman of the federal Reserve Board, charged with regulating the money supply and ensuring the soundness of the banking industry?

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Black Saga
- The Office of Social Studies, Office of Elementary Social Studies, and the Office of Equity and Assurance sponsor this student program. The Black Saga Competition offers intermediate and middle school students an opportunity to be involved in an after school activity that challenges them to learn about the African American experience. For more information contact Tim Rualo,, Coordinator, Elementary Social Studies.

National Geography Bee The National Geographic Society sponsors this contest designed to spark student interest in, and increase public awareness about, geography. For more information:

National History Day - The Maryland Humanities Council organizes this program to engage students in primary and secondary source research to produce projects in one of four categories: museum type exhibits, multimedia documentaries, dramatic performances, or research papers.

Model Congress – The Model Congress is sponsored by the Office of Secondary Social Studies and Loch Raven High.  Ninth grade students assume the roles of United States Senators and Representatives and introduce, debate, and vote upon legislation related to contemporary issues.  Students are placed in legislative committees that are chaired by Loch Raven High students who have participated in the Princeton Model Congress.

Model United Nations – The Model United Nations is sponsored by the Office of Secondary Social Studies and the Political Science Department of Towson University.  Tenth grade students assume roles of United Nations delegates from member nations.  Students remain in character as they propose resolutions and debate issues during several simulated sessions of the General Assembly of the United Nations.

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