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The brochure and application for the 2014–2015 school year will be available on this site
from 12 noon on Monday, August 26, 2013, through Tuesday, November 26, 2013.

2014 - 2015
Magnet Application Deadline
Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Submitting a High School Magnet Application:

  • Please review the high school magnet program descriptions at the link on the right side of this page.
  • Read all instructions in the High School Magnet Programs brochure and application prior to submitting an application.  Note that for some programs, only Grade 9 applications are accepted, while Grade 10 and/or Grade 11 applications are accepted for other programs.
  • Prior to submitting the application, parents should carefully review program selections and ensure that both sides of the application are complete and the required report card(s) are enclosed.


  • ALL applicants must apply by November 26, 2013, and attach a copy of their report card(s) showing grades for the entire 2012–2013 school year.
  • Applicants not currently attending a Baltimore County public school must also provide a copy of the current year's first quarter/trimester report card when received.

    Please be aware that any change in program selection(s) requires the submission of a new application, postmarked or hand-delivered on or before the application deadline.
  • Parents should retain a copy of their application for their records.
  • Applications MUST be postmarked or hand-delivered to:

    High School Magnet Application
    Baltimore County Public Schools
    105 W. Chesapeake Avenue
    Jefferson Building
    Towson, MD 21204

    on or before the established application deadline:  November 26, 2013. Hand-delivered applications will be accepted until 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, November 26, 2013.

    Applications received after the deadline are not processed without proof of timely submission (i.e., clear postmark date or certified mail receipt). Applications postmarked, hand-delivered, or received without a legible postmark after the November 26, 2013, deadline are not processed.

For proof of timely submission and verification of delivery, it is strongly recommended that applicants use certified mail with a return receipt requested from the U.S. Post Office.

The brochure and application for the 2014–2015 school year will be available on this site from 12 noon on Monday, August 26, 2013, through Tuesday, November 26, 2013.


High School Magnet Programs Brochure and Application


NOTICE:   Providing ethnic or racial information on the magnet application is not required.

(The High School Magnet Programs Brochure is in PDF format, which requires a PDF reader to open.
If you are unable to open this file, please contact your local school for an application.)

High School Assessments:

Prior to attending an assessment, applicants MUST obtain the Assessment Guidelines for EACH
program selected on the application.

The Assessment Guidelines (available below) contain specific information about each assessment and any preparation required prior to the assessment.

Assessment dates and times are available on this site and in the High School Magnet Brochure.  Mark the magnet assessment date(s) and times on your calendar.  Schools will send assessment reminders to all applicants.

Applicants who have not received notification of an assessment date or time, at least five (5) days prior to the scheduled assessment date, must contact the school to obtain their scheduled time. 

PLEASE NOTE:  It is the responsibility of parents to:

  • ensure that the applicant attends the assessment on the scheduled date and time.
  • contact the schools if scheduled magnet assessment appointments conflict.
  • contact both the school and Magnet Office immediately if the applicant cannot attend or complete the scheduled assessment due to an unforeseen illness or emergency.  Please be aware that assessments will not be rescheduled without documentation verifying the illness or emergency.

Inclement Weather
In the event that school activities are cancelled due to inclement weather, magnet assessments will be postponed. Postponed assessments will occur on the designated inclement weather date.

The Office of Communications will post all emergency closing and cancellation information on the BCPS automated information line, 410-887-5555.

Closings and cancellation announcements will also be made through local media.

Download the assessment guidelines for each program to which you have applied.

  1. Use the link below to learn about the high school admission criteria and general scoring guidelines.

High School Magnet Program Scoring Guidelines

  1. Use the links below to download the assessment guidelines for each program selected on the application. 

High School Assessment Guidelines

Admission to High School Magnet Programs

In order to be considered for placement into a high school magnet program, applicants must first qualify by earning at least 80% of the assessment criteria points.  (See “High School Magnet Program Scoring Guidelines” above.)

If the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of available seats, seats will be filled in the following sequence:

  1. Available seats will first be filled with priority placements.
  2. A random lottery will be conducted to fill all remaining available seats and to generate a wait list.

Two priority placements exist at the high school level:

  • 20% Priority – Up to 20% of the available seats will first be filled by qualified applicants who show exceptional commitment and promise in the specialized program as evidenced by their performance on the magnet assessment(s).
  • Child of an Employee - If the primary work site of a BCPS employee is a school with a magnet program and the employee's child applies to, and qualifies for, a magnet program in that school, the child will be given priority placement in the magnet program.

Random Lottery Process:  For each program, qualified applicants are assigned a computer-generated random number.  The qualified applicants for each program are then sorted into a list according to their assigned random numbers, from lowest to highest.  Available seats are offered to qualified applicants, starting with the lowest random number (i.e. first on the list).  When all of the available seats in a program are filled, the remaining qualified applicants are given a wait-list number that corresponds to their position in the list. 
Admission decisions are mailed to parents by early March. 

If you have questions or need additional information,
please contact the Office of Magnet Programs at (410) 887-4127.

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