Resources for Using Photo Story 3

PhotoStory 3 is free software that comes with the Microsoft Suite. Students can use PhotoStory to create slideshows using images, text, and sound. The information below can be used to help get you started using PhotoStory 3.

How To BulletUsing Microsoft PhotoStory 3:

This tutorial includes screen shots and step by step directions to create a PhotoStory project.

How To BulletDigital Storytelling: Photostory 3:

This tutorial is broken down into ten individual topics to assist you in creating a PhotoStory project.

Example BulletMicrosoft Education: Using PhotoStory In Class:

A three minute video testimonial on using PhotoStory in middle school.

Example BulletStoryboard Template:

A template to use with the students to develop their PhotoStory digital storyboard outline.

Example BulletPhotoStory 3 Content Examples:

21st Century Teaching Wiki:

You will need to have a PBWorks account to open up these examples of using PhotoStory in the classroom.

Ideas for PhotoStory 3 Projects:

You will need to have a PBWorks account to open up this wiki for ideas to use PhotoStory in the classroom.

PhotoStory Uses in Special Area Subjects:

Examples of using PhotoStory in Physical Education, Music, Theatre, Math, and Language Arts.

A Cross Curricular Collection of Photostory Samples and Ideas:

This site includes a list with ways to use PhotoStory in Education as well as one to three minute TeacherTube video clips.

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