Student Online Courses

The Office of Instructional Technology (OIT) is facilitating the implementation of online student courses for BCPS offices and schools. We will provide the necessary assistance with approving the use of an online course, registering students, and monitoring system-wide implementation.

BCPS Program Description

Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) believes that online courses provide new opportunities in the delivery of instruction for our students. Courses are designed to expand student access to challenging curricula aligned to the Voluntary State Curriculum, Core Learning Goals, and national standards through the delivery of high quality online courses. These courses are consistent with the regular school program; however, teaching is primarily conducted online with the teacher physically separated from the students. Students work independently and at various times of the school day or week. Teachers communicate with students through the online course tools such as email, discussions, and virtual classrooms as well as via telephone. Each school has a support system for students taking online courses and management of online courses resides at the local school.

Use of an Online Course

Online courses can be used by Baltimore County Schools to:

  • Expand the range of courses and opportunities offered to students.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to take a course when there are too few students in the school to assign a teacher to teach that course.
  • Provide courses for students who have schedules that prevent them from taking a course when it is offered.
  • Provide equity for students who cannot access courses in their regular schedule.

BCPS will only consider online courses approved by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE). Once an online course has been approved by MSDE, BCPS Curriculum Offices will evaluate and determine which courses can be offered.

BCPS Student Enrollment

Eligible students are not guaranteed enrollment in any BCPS online course. Enrollment is based on course and teacher availability AND approval by appropriate BCPS Curriculum Offices, and the System-Level Coordinator within BCPS funding constraints. Students must, in consultation with their School Counselor, contact their School Site Coordinator for permission to enroll in an online course. Once the System-Level Coordinator approves the request, students may register for the online course following the local school timeline and process.

BPCS will use the following to guide decision-making in determining whether or not a student is eligible to enroll in an online course

  • The school or program does not offer the course;
  • The student has a schedule conflict that prevents taking a course when it is offered at the school or program;
  • Teacher recommendations.

Students and parents must sign the BCPS Student Participation Agreement so they can understand the participation requirements and be better prepared to maintain a regular schedule of logging on and keeping up with the course work, as well as sign the MVLO Academic Integrity and Ethics Agreement. If the student is not participating and completing assignments as expected, the Online Teacher will contact the parent/guardian, the School Site Coordinator, and the System-Level Coordinator by phone, U.S. mail, or e-mail. The School Site Coordinator must follow up with the student and parent/guardian and inform the Online Teacher of the action(s) taken.


Are you ready for online learning?

    Online Learning Essentials - This web-based set of readings and tasks are designed to orient a new online learner to the online learning environment.

Note: Access is only available to students who have completed the BCPS registration process at the local school. For information about registering for an online course, contact the school counselor.

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