Camera Work Tutorial -

The Camera.... (pdf) Parker Vision TV Curriculum - used by permission. 
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The Seven Deadly Camera Sins (Word Doc)

Shooting Good Video

Camera Angles

Camera Shots

Shot Types 

Cameras: the Basics Part 1

Cameras: the Basics Part 2
Compostion: Setting the Scene

Elements of Composition Part 1Compostion Part 2Composition Part 3

Filters and Lens Attachments Part 1

Filters and Lens Attachments Part 2

F-Stops and Creative Focus Techniques

Lenses: the Basics

Lenses: Distance Speed and Perspective

Taking Care of Lenses Using Shutter Speeds

Tripod Use








Basic Lighting
Simple Lighting Techniques

Altering Appearances
Basic Lighting
Camcorder lighting - oncamera lights
Color Temperature
Do the Light Thing
The Fill, Back, and Background Lighting
Illuminating: controlling the Color of Light
The Key: Light
Light Intensity
Light RightLight Source - three-point lighting design
Lighting Class: Tips on Lighting
Lighting: Hard and Soft Lighting
Lighting Instruments
Lighting Ratios
Lighting: Some Final Issues
Production Tips: Liighting
Simple Lighting Techniques
Special Lighting Situations
Video Lighting Made Easy







Audio Control Devices

Audio Recording, Editing and Playback Part 2

Microphones: the Basics Part 1

Stereo, Surround-Sound, 5.1

Using Off-Camera Microphones

Audio Recording, Editing and Playback Part 1

Digital Audio

Microphones: the Basics Part 2

Television Sound: the Basics

Wireless Microphones