Create Discvoer Skill 2: Use note-taking strategies and avoid plagiarism.

When taking notes it is important to put the information you gather into your own words. This is called paraphrasing. Paraphrasing is one way to avoid plagiarism.

Plagiarism Paraphrasing

Once you have found information in reliable sources, you will need to use the right note-taking strategy to gather important information about your topic.

Webbing Concept Mapping I-Notes/Cornell Notes Online Note-Taking
Teacher Resources Research Glossary
Teacher Resources Research Glossary

What is plagiarism? Why is it so important? Did you know there are consequences if you plagiarize?

net smartz plagiarism netsmartz Sing along with this rap about the importance of not "stealing like a pirate".
k2skills plagiarism Tim and Moby introduce you to the thorny concept of plagiarism. Learn all the ins and outs so you are not accused of being a cheat.


What does it mean to paraphrase? When we do research it is important to paraphrase. Do you know why?

k2skills paraphrasing Tim and Moby introduce you to the skill of paraphrasing. You’ll learn how paraphrases are different from direct quotes, and two reasons why you might need to paraphrase a text.

Webbing Tools

While you may have used a web in brainstorming, these graphic organizers can also help you record and organize information. Webs can be very complex or simple. It is up to you.

k2tools computerpaper cluster 1 web Try using one of these Cluster Webs.
24tools read write think Use this online webbing tool to record facts and information from your reseach.
  paper cluster computer Try using one of these Cluster Webs..

Concept Maps

A concept map is an organizer that can help you understand a new concept. It helps you organize informatin and make connections to new knowledge. They are easy to make and we can use them for any kind of research.


computer digital concept 2nd 4th papercomputer concept1 concept print

Try using one of these concept maps.
24tools bubbleus

A brainstorming, mind mapping tool that will allow you to creat concept maps of facts and informatin.

Note Cards

One way to take notes is to use index cards. Any size or color will do, but you need to be consistent in how you record information. Remember, a source is where you gather your information. It can be a book, website, database or any other source. It is also good to title each card with the topic or keyword in which you search.

2-4skills note card video This video details a method for using index cards to take notes. It includes directions for citing resources.
24tools lakeshore notecards

From Lakeshore, you will find online note/flash cards to use.

  computerpaper print notecards notecards Try using one of these Note-card templates.

I-Notes & Cornell Notes

Another method is to use I-Notes or Cornell Notes. Both of these divide paper into columns, where you would write topics, ideas, or questions on one side, and answers, facts and information on the other. At the bottom of the organizer you might include the source (book, website, database) where you found the information, or a summary.

k2tools computerpaper i notes k 2 Try using one of these I-Notes organizers.
2-4skills 2column This video walks through the elements of 2 column note-taking.
  cornell This website gives simple instructions on taking Cornell Notes, one method of taking 2-column notes.
24tools computerpaper i notes pdf

Try using one of these I-Notes organizers.

Online Note-Taking

Some students prefer to take their notes online. Remember to print or save your notes after each class.

k2tools popplet Popplet is an easy online note-taking tool. Here is a tutorial on making popples.
24tools padlet Padlet is another online note-taking tool. Watch this teacher-created video on using Padlet.
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Teacher Resources

Summarizing and Note-taking from TeacherTap.

Blog post on Note-taking Graphic Organizers from Scholastic Teacher.

Cornell Note Taking--one method of taking notes, also known as 2-column notes.

Five Lessons for Note-taking Fun--a series from Education World,

ReadWriteThink--a variety of lesson plans and interactive tools to communicate skills to students.

Teaching Channel--this video demonstrates recording with Post-It Notes.

Trash or Treasure Note Taking--a Youtube video about how to take notes.

Worksheet Generator for Teachers--develop your own note-taking worksheets using this easy-to-use site.

freeform web concept print webbing tool bubble us flash card maker video on notecards studyguide notes 2 column notes cornell i notes interactive popplet padlet plagiarism paraphrasing do not steal like a pirate