Create Create Skill 2: Use media ethically by respecting creators and copyright.

When you create your own research product or presentation, you may wish to include pictures, sound, or other media that others have created. You will need to make sure that you are using the work of other creators with respect for copyright. United States copyright law states that creators have the rights to say how other can use their work.

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k-2 skills k2 tools 2-4skills Teacher Resources Research Glossary
k2 Skills Netsmartz Copyright Watch this 11 minute kid-friendly video from about pirating (stealing) Internet content.
2-4 Skills BP - Copyright Tim and Moby explore what they are allowed to do with media they find on the Internet.
  Cyberbee CyberBee is an interactive tutorial on common questions you may have about copyright law. Mouse over each student to see their question. Then click the student to get the answer.
  Copyright Piracy and Kids

This 3-minute video from Common Sense Media teaches you the reasons for respecting other people's creative works.

  Copyright Exposed

This Library of Congress site has a short video and some learning activities about copyright.

Copyright-friendly media
Do you need a photo, clipart, or other media for your project?  These Web sites provide access to copyright-friendly media. Always give credit to the creator by citing the original source for the media in your project.

K2 Tools

2-4 Tools

Pics4Learning Pics4Learning is a safe, free image library for education. You can use the copyright-friendly photos & images for classrooms, multimedia projects, websites, videos, portfolios, or any projects in an educational setting.
  Public Domain Images Public domain images, royalty free stock photos, copyright friendly free images. Not copyrighted, no rights reserved. All pictures on this site are free for any educational, personal or commercial use.
  Open Clipart All Open Clipart images are released into the public domain.  Artists from all over the world share their work for you to use.  This means that teachers and students may use any of these images in any way they choose.
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Teacher Resources

The Office of DIgital Learning (ODL) offers Copyright & Fair Use Resources for teaching and learning about copyright

Wixie is a tool that includes a library of media for student projects.The Office of Digital Learning (ODL) offers this tutorial for Wixie.
Create Netsmartz Copyright Video BrainPop Copyright Video Copyright Piracy and Kids CyberBee Copyright Copyright Exposed Pics 4 Learning Public Domain Images Open Clipart