Encounter the Research Task Share

Skill 2: Share knowledge and participate ethically and productively as members of our democratic society.

Conclude an inquiry-based research process by sharing new understandings and reflecting on learning..

Skill-builders & Tools


Skills for using Information and technology effectively and responsibly:

Use social networks and information tools to gather and share information:

ning social network


social networking

digital literacy

Web 2.0

media literacy

Student Resources

WEB 2.0 and Digital Bloom

Samples of High School Presenters

Teacher Resources

common sense media

Digital Citizenship curriculum grades 9-12 from Common Sense Media

Resources from the American Library Association

Stop Cyberbullying external link icon
This student friendly site breaks down cyberbullying into categories based on age (kids, tweens, and teens). There is additional information for parents, teachers, and law enforcement. Educators can learn about what cyberbullying is, what they can do to help prevent it, and gain advice on what to do once an incident of cyberbullying occurs.

Digital Citizenship: Using Technology Appropriately external link icon
Digital Citizenship is rapidly becoming an important topic for students to know and understand. This site gives an overview of the nine elements of digital citizenship as well as activities that teachers and parents can use to help explain digital citizenship to their students.

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Do Now: Gain a sense of your awareness with digital citizenship by completing an online quiz.

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