This Research Guide includes a sequence of skills for each step in an inquiry-based research process aligned to learning standards. A selection of skill-building resources and tools is provided for each research skill.
Skill pages include links to Teacher Resources and a Research Glossary.

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Encounter the research task
  1. Initiate the research process.

  2. Build background knowledge.

  3. Explore the information landscape and identify resources.

  4. Create and refine your research question.
Search & Gather
  1. Use time-management strategies and tools.

  2. Practice ethics and cite sources.

  3. Use search strategies, resources, and inquiry tools.

  4. Evaluate sources.

  5. Summarize important information and take notes.

  6. Reflect and collaborate.
  1. Critical thinking: Analyze research findings.

  2. Critical thinking: Synthesize ideas and information.

  3. Critical thinking: Organize information.

  4. Critical thinking: Evaluate to go beyond facts and make meaning.

  5. Apply new understanding.

  6. Practice ethical responsibility.
  1. Organize and present ideas and conclusions to audiences.

  2. Share knowledge and participate ethically and productively as members of our democratic society.

  3. Evaluate your research process and product.
Last updated: August 2016

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