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Skill 3: Critical thinking - Organize ideas and information.

You will continue an inquiry-based research process by appying the critical thinking skill of organization in order to construct new understandings, draw conclusions, and create new knowledge. As you organize the ideas and information you have gathered, be sure to structure your organization around your understanding of your research task.

Skill-builders & Tools
Applying organizational strategies during this stage is key. Develop a balance between a large and small picture understanding of your research ideas and information. You should be able to develop a framework for understanding that allows you to see and explain the overall outline of your research task and question. However, your framework must also provide areas where details and clarifications can be sufficiently addressed in a meaningful manner.

Skills for organizing:

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Student Resources

Continue using the appropriate web-based and other technology tools selected in the previous steps to show connections and patterns with the ideas and information collected.

Use web based and other technology tools like those shown below, to show connections and patterns in the ideas and information you have collected.

text mind mapping tool

gliffy productivity tool

exploratree organizational tool

lucid chart tool

mind meister organizational tool

coggle organizational tool

popplet organizational tool

write design online organization tool

mind map art mapping tool

Teacher Resources

Gr 9-12 Research Guide Standards Alignment

holt graphic organizers

educause authentic learning