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Kuhlthau, Carol C., Leslie K. Maniotes and
Ann K. Caspari. 2012. Guided Inquiry Design:
A Framework for Inquiry in Your School
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Guided Inquiry Process Evaluate Share Create Immerse Gather Explore Identify open

Invitation to inquiry
Open minds
Stimulate curiosity

About this Inquiry Step:

The first step in our Inquiry-based process is called Open. Since we are just beginning our research, we open with something that grabs our attention and gets us thinking and wondering about the topic or question we'll be investigating. We can start with something as simple as an object, a photograph, or a Web page that introduces us to the topic and sparks curiosity. We can make connections to the topic or question by thinking about what we already know, and how it relates to our own lives and world. As an inquiry community, we can begin to generate ideas and questions.This helps us to open our minds to lots of possibilities, and gets us excited about engaging in the research process.

Skills and Tools
Connecting to prior knowledge
Teacher Resources:
  • Inquiry Circles: Collaborate and Converse in Small Groups
    About Inquiry Circles, “Inquiry circles provide a platform for conversations about ideas that students are encountering in a variety of sources. They create a space for students to talk about ideas that are meaningful to them, raise questions that are curious about, and help each other to construct meaning.”

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