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Kuhlthau, Carol C., Leslie K. Maniotes and
Ann K. Caspari. 2012. Guided Inquiry Design:
A Framework for Inquiry in Your School
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Build background knowledge
Connect to content
Discover interesting ideas
About the Immerse phase:

Before we get too specific in our research, we will Immerse ourselves in some resources and conversation to build background knowledge about a broad topic together. We might read a book, story or article; view a video; or visit a Website or a museum. Each of us will discover ideas that matter to us individually. We'll reflect on the ideas and information we have discovered. Don't worry if you haven't thought of a good research topic or question by the time we are finished with the Immerse step. Ideas for specific research topics and inquiry questions will become clearer as we move through the inquiry.

Skills and Tools Skills
Making connections and predictions

Building background knowledge
Teaching Resources:

Teacher's Guide to the IMMERSE Step

Model IMMERSE Session | Session plan template
Guided Inquiry Design: A Framework for Inquiry in Your School (Book available in all BCPS Middle School Libraries)

About Inquiry Journal Prompts: "Learners use inquiry journals to express their thoughts, feelings, and actions across the inquiry process and compose to reflect on every aspect of the content. During Immerse, students use the inquiry journal to jot down interesting ideas that surface in the immersion sessions. Students may begin their inquiry journals by writing about what most interests them. As they write about the immersion experience, they make connections to what they care about. They build upon what they already know as they begin to construct new understanding. The learning team responds with comments in students' journals that guide them in selecting intellectually engaging ideas to pursue." (68)