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Kuhlthau, Carol C., Leslie K. Maniotes and
Ann K. Caspari. 2012. Guided Inquiry Design:
A Framework for Inquiry in Your School
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Guided Inquiry Process Evaluate Share Create Gather Open Explore Immerse open

Pause and ponder
Decide dIrection
Identify inquiry questions
About the Identify phase:

We're now ready for a very important step. Each of us should be ready to pause and ask meaningful inquiry questions. Don't worry, we've prepared well for this phase. We spent time immersing and exploring to build background knowledge on a broad topic. Doing this gave us background knowledge. Our goal is for each of us to construct an inquiry question from the interesting ideas, pressing problems, and emerging themes we have explored in various sources of information. Your inquiry questions will zero in on a part or aspect of the larger topic that will frame the rest of your research process. You should consider the following questions while formulating your question:

  • What is interesting to me?
  • What are my learning goals?
  • How much information is available?
  • How much time do I have?

Skills and Tools Skills
Identifying keywords

Formulating and refining inquiry questions
Teaching Resources:

Teacher's Guide to the IDENTIFY Step

Example IDENTIFY Session Plan | Session plan template

Inquiry Log "Students review the choices they have made of the sources that may be useful in their inquiry. They particularly note the thoughts that they have jotted down about the sources that They found. The range of sources they have located and their initial thoughts about these sources help them to know what information is available about inquiry questions they are considering." (99)

Inquiry Journal Prompts "Students develop an inquiry chart to sort thrurough their ideas to identify possible inquiry questions. Their inquiry journals are a good source to draw from to identify questions that inform their research." (100)

Learning to Question (includes student worksheets/organizers)

Sample Question Stems Based on New Bloom's Taxonomy

A Questioning Toolkit (Dr. Jamie McKenzie)