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Kuhlthau, Carol C., Leslie K. Maniotes and
Ann K. Caspari. 2012. Guided Inquiry Design:
A Framework for Inquiry in Your School
Libraries Unlimited.

Guided Inquiry Process Evaluate Share Create Open Explore Identify Immerse Gather Evaluate Share Create Gather Open Explore Immerse Evaluate Share Create Gather Open Identify Immerse Evaluate Share Create Gather Open Explore Identify Evaluate Share Create Gather Explore Identify Immerse open

Gather important information
Go broad (search)
Go deep (read)
Skills Evaluating and selecting sources
It is important to use a variety of resources in order to identify consistency and relevance to the topic. Consider the factors below to help identify the validity and relevance of a resource.
Skill-builders & Tools
Print Resource Evaluation
Non-Print Resource Evaluation

Hints on Print from Read Write Think

Non-fiction Book Evaluation Sheet from Read Write Think

Hit the Books, Book Evaluation Chart Example, Blank

Evaluating Sources Video










Brain Pop Online Sources

Evaluating Sources Video

WorldBook Student Evaluating Sources Article

Scholastic site on using reliable sources

Shared Creations: Making Use of Creative Commons, Chapter 5: FindingCreative

Research Toolkit: Evaluating Sources

Judging sources

Evaluating Websites from UC Berkeley

Web Research Guide from McDougal Littell

Commons Materials for Your Class Projects

Who Created the Website?- Bethlehem Central School District

Purpose of the Site- Bethlehem Central School District

Website Currency- Bethlehem Central School District


Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Source
Bias and Conflicting Information

Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Sources from EasyBib

Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Sources from University of Maryland University Libraries

Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Sources from University of Virginia



SIRS iThinkTutor- Evaluating Sources/Identifying Bias

Scholary vs. popular sites, authority, bias, accuracy, currency, utility, Wikipedia. etc.

Bias vs. Objectivity- Bethlehem Central School District


Parts of a Book
Parts of a Website

Parts of a book from Norwalk (Connecticut) Public Schools

Parts of a Book Video


Parts of a Website PowerPoint that identifies parts of website to analyze validity and accuracy and to gather information for citations.

How to "Read" a Website- Bethlehem Central School District


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