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Kuhlthau, Carol C., Leslie K. Maniotes and
Ann K. Caspari. 2012. Guided Inquiry Design:
A Framework for Inquiry in Your School
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BCPS K-12 Research Grades 5-8 Research Guide Grades 5-8 Research Glossary

Guided Inquiry Process Evaluate Share Gather Open Explore Identify Immerse open

Reflect on learning
Go beyond facts
to make meaning
Create to communicate
About the Create phase:

After you have gathered enough information to construct your own understanding of your topic, you are ready to organize your learning into a creative presentation. This is the Create phase, which is key to communicating what you have learned. It helps you articulate what is important about the subject and requires you to integrate the ideas more firmly into a deep understanding. You'll go beyond simple fact finding and reporting. Instead you'll summarize, interpret, and extend the meaning of what you have learned and create a way to share your learning. You'll see that we have numerous options listed which provide just a portion of the ways you could create. You're only limited by your own creativity and by the depth of the knowledge you've built in the steps up until this point.

Skills Skills Skills and Tools Skills Skills
Analyzing and synthesizing information

Tools for creating a product or presentation

Ethical use of media: copyright, fair use, Creative Commons
Teaching Resources:

BCPS Writing Process Website Information on pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing.

Copyright and Fair Use from the BCPS Office of Digital Learning

The Teaching Channel- Understanding “Fair Use” in a Digital World

A Copyright-Friendly Toolkit

Teacher's Guide to the CREATE Step

Example CREATE Session Plan

Session plan template login information- BCPS paid subscription for music (teacher access only).

ODL Resource Wiki- This wiki uses a tagging system to classify tools.  The common tags and their definitions will help you as you navigate through this resource wiki.  You might also choose to navigate the resources by their tags.

Essay Writing: Mapping for Success

Students as Creators: Exploring Multimedia (ReadWriteThink Lesson Plan) - This lesson introduces students to the genre of multimedia presentations. Working first as a class and then in small groups, students view and analyze sample multimedia presentations and develop a list of characteristics of the genre. Students then brainstorm programs and tools they could use to make their own multimedia presentations and review applicable copyright law. Finally, they plan, storyboard, and create their own multimedia presentations. The lesson stresses the importance of using media in compliance with copyright protection and provides information about various multimedia formats. The topic and format of the presentations are left open-ended so teachers can tailor the project to the topics they are studying and/or the equipment they have available.

Common Sense Media Mini Lessons to Address Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons

A Creator's Rights- Teacher Lesson Plan from Common Sense Media

A Creator's Rights Vocabulary Key- Common Sense Media

A Creator's Rights Creative Commons Key- Common Sense Media

A Creator's Rights Assessment Key- Common Sense Media