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directions This page is a framework for conducting research in the Social Sciences. Each section is designed to help you explore the scope of possible research, examine examples of what has been done by other students. Use the step by step directions for the methodology of your research. Social Sciences encompasses many fields of study and you can examine examples and possibilities in each. Use the student resources to help you focus on your area of interest.



Social Sciences/Humanities is the study of human society. It includes a group of diverse academic disciplines including history, sociology, political science, anthropology, law, geography, economics and education. Although these fields focus on different aspects of human society and there are differences in the methodology for each, they follow the same general methods for conducting research and apply the scientific methods to the human condition. In general, research within the Social Sciences/Humanities follows a similar course in that, as the researcher, you will:
  • Collect data that will be useful for your research, providing support and defense for your research proposal.  
  • Analyze and draw conclusions from the data using your own observations or statistical analysis.
  • Generalize your conclusions in order to produce knowledge necessary for citizens to understand their societies, for policy makers to decide crucial questions and to contribute to the current body of knowledge. 

How to Conduct Social Science Research

methodology Due to the great variety of human condition, each discipline within the Social Sciences/Humanities approaches their research, data collection and data analysis differently.  Therefore, to complete your research in an area of social sciences, choose one of the 8 pathways below that best describes your research question. Before you do, be sure to access the information on the rest of this page.  
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Political Science
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Intute is a free online service that helps you to find the best web resources for your studies and research.  With millions of resources available on the Internet, it can be difficult to find useful material. Our subject specialists review and evaluate thousands of resources to help you choose the key websites in your subject.

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This site provides:

  1. an extensive annotated list of specialized sources for more than 30 disciplines (the resources are organized by type—databases and indexes, Web resources, and reference books—under four main categories: Humanities, Social Sciences, History, and Sciences). 
  2. Guidelines for documenting print and online sources that provide the most current advice available for MLA, APA, Chicago, and CSE styles. 
  3. Sample papers with annotations for MLA, APA, Chicago, and CSE styles. 
  4. Tips for evaluating print and online sources.
  5. A list of style manuals for a variety of disciplines.
  6. A glossary of research terms.
Skill Zone

The iSkillzone can help you to locate, access and evaluate information you need in order to conduct your research within the Social Sciences/Humanities.

McGraw Hill
This text-only site provides the Social Scientist with a variety of research resources in multiple fields of the Social Sciences/Humanities.

Unit Overview for Step 5: Conduct Subject-Specific Research is available in BCPSOne.