Subject-Specific Research
Fine Arts


Use this initial page to acquire a general understanding of the research in Artistic fields.  Your first decision is to choose your artistic form. Then review each of the methodology, visiting the links in the student resources section to develop a clearer understanding of Artistic Research.  Be sure, once you have chosen your method of research, to revisit this overview page for additional assistance in conducting your specific research.


Artistic research is interdisciplinary.  It utilizes one or more art forms.  Literary texts include stories, novels, plays, poetry, diaries, journals, and letters.  Visual arts include painting, photography, sculptures, fiber, drawing, film, multimedia, as well as architecture and historical artifacts.  Performative works include drama, musical compositions, dance, as well as culturally-based performance of rituals.

I never made a painting as a work of art, it's all research. - Pablo Picasso

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Step 1

Motivation/problem statement

  • Determine the problem
  • Determine practical, scientific, theoretical or artistic gap is the research filling.
Step 2

Methods/procedure/approach. Determine the type of artistic research from the following categories:

Step 3
What did you actually do to get your results? (e.g. analyzed 3 novels, completed a series of 5 oil paintings, interviewed 17 students)
Step 4
What specific procedures based on the type of research.
Step 5
Results/findings/product: As a result of completing the above procedure, what did you learn/invent/create?

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General Arts
  • Art+Culture--This site is a portal for information about the arts.  Links to sites on design arts, film, literature, music, performing and visual arts.
  • National Endowment for the Arts-- The National Endowment for the Arts is a public agency dedicated to supporting excellence in the arts, both new and established; bringing the arts to all Americans; and providing leadership in arts education and research.
  • Smithsonian Institution-- For facts, visit the Smithsonian Institution, the world's largest museum complex and research organization composed of 19 museums, 9 research centers, and the National Zoo.
  • Teacher Tap 
  • Dance Education Web-- from the School of Creative and Performing Arts in Ohio.  This site provides resources and research.


  • A Literary Index-- A Literary Index provides both an overview and a review of the more significant collections of Internet literary resources of interest to scholars, students, and lovers of literature.
  • Literary Resources on the Web-- From Kent State, this site includes encyclopedias, literature criticism and primary sources.
Visual Arts

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teacher resources

Unit Overview for Step 5: Conduct Subject-Specific Research is available in BCPSOne.

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