In this step of the research process, you will reflect upon your experience in the Research Course. Reflection is an essential part of learning as it enables you to:

  • Consider the implications of your process and thinking
  • Enhance your ability to be an independent learner.
  • Use your experience to shape future goals and determine how your experience can support you in the future.

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“He maintains that such reflection on assumptions and presuppositions (particularly about oneself) leads to "transformative learning"

 Mezirow- 1990.

As you work through the many elements of this course you will be challenged to engage in a rigorous academic process. Included in that process will be new learning, working with others, establishing mentor relationships and presenting your findings to others. You will benefit from spending time thinking about your experiences and your reactions to the process. Thinking about your thinking is called "metacognition".

Writing a Journal

Use the resources, tools, and examples below to follow the steps in the writing process.

Setting Up Your Journal

Your reflective journal will be part of the course wiki. It is a place for you to reflect privately upon your experiences, learning and reactions. The journal is a private space to be viewed only by you and your teacher.

Under the direction of your teacher you will work through the reflection questions in the following categories:

Field Experience

What did working with experts in the field teach me?
What did I do to fully participate in the process?
How did working with a mentor help me to accomplish my goals?
What was the most helpful to me?
What was the least helpful to me?
If I were doing this again, I would do the following things differently?
I used to think…now I think.


What did I learn about myself as a presenter?
How did I handle any feelings of anxiety I had?
What strategies worked best in regard to preparation?
What strategies worked best in regard to presentation?
The part I liked the most was…
The part I liked the least was…


How did this experience prepare me to be college, career, or military ready?
What new learning can I carry into my future?
How has this experience changed me?
I used to think…now I think.
If I were advising a future student I would tell them…

Teacher Resources
Teacher Resources

Unit Overview and Lessons are available in BCPS One.

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