Apply New Understanding.
Assess the scope of work and needed resources, materials, and equipment.
Develop and implement an action plan.
Seek peer review for new insights and revision.
Assess the product in terms of requirements and individual and group effort.
Take a Closer Look!
Now that the student has developed an understanding of the research, made conclusions to create new meaning, the next step is to determine how the new message will be delivered to an audience. Whether or not there has been a "project" list provided the student will need to determine available resources, materials and specialized equipment required to create the final project. A plan of action for the project should be developed to keep the project on time and outline the responsibilities of team members when working cooperatively. Assessments for various products should be revisited to determine if the project is "do-able" within the guidelines provided by the instructor.

Tutorials and Tools for Product Planning
and Production

Tools for Peer Review

  • Peer Design Review - Design reviews throughout the project give students the chance to learn from each other and learn to critique constructively.
  • Catalyst Web Tools: Peer Review - Peer Review is a customizable, interactive, online collaborative workspace where participants can post, create and discuss projects, papers, Web pages and other assignments.
  • Rate by Others - elementary research process tutorial from the Oregon State Library System


Tools for Developing Action Plans

Assessment Scoring Tools

Articles About Teaching for Understanding