Performance Task Assessment
Web Page

Earned Assessment
Web page shows evidence of effective research and understanding of concepts relevant to the task.      
Web page reflects accurate, specific, purposeful information that is extended and expanded to fully explain the topic.       
Supporting details are used effectively to help explain the concepts.      
There are few grammatical or spelling mistakes and the vocabulary is appropriate to both the content and the audience.      
Capitalization and punctuation are correct throughout the presentation.      
Graphics, sounds, animations, and transitions are used appropriately to support/enhance the concepts.      
Information is categorized and presented in a meaningful order.      
Links relate to the topic and graphics and/or multimedia enhance the content.      
Page layout is attractive and enhances the content.      
Use of headings, bullets, tables, centering, and indents create a balanced and attractive format.       
Navigation aids are used to easily move about within the website.      
Graphics enhance the design form and load properly.
Presentation of the Web Page
The purpose of the PowerPoint product is clearly evident to the audience.      
The presenter shows evidence of having rehearsed the presentation. The presentation flows smoothly with no technical problems.      
The presenter responds well to questions during and/or following the web page presentation.      
The presenter checks audience's understanding of concepts following the presentation.      
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