Name: ______________________________________________ Date: _______________________________

My Inquiry:________________________________________________________________________________

This is the way I learn:
Check the following statements that most reflect how you learned in the past inquiry.

____ I need to talk to others about my ideas.
____ I need to have some quiet time alone.
____ I need some time to think before I write anything down.
____ It helps me to draw or chart my ideas.
____ I need some help getting going.
____ I need to move around.

Give specific examples of the statement(s) here. When did you do this and how did it help you?



My inquiry tools:
Choose the top two tools that helped you the most in this inquiry. Complete the sentence stem to explain how it helped you to achieve your learning goals. Write your two reflections in boxes #1 and #2 below.

____ Writing in my inquiry journal helped me to ...
____ My inquiry chart was most useful to me when ...
____ My inquiry log was useful because ...
____ My inquiry circle helped me to ...
____ The inquiry community was helpful to me because/when ...
____ Inquiry presentations were useful because ...


My inquiry process:

This was easy for me because _______________________________________________________________


This was hard for me because _______________________________________________________________


Something I will do differently next time is _______________________________________________________

______________________________________________________________________________________ .

From Guided Inquiry Design:  A Framework for Inquiry in Your School by Carol C. Kuhlthau, Leslie K. Maniotes, and Ann K. Caspari.  Santa Barbara, CA:  Libraries Unlimited. Pages 159-160. Copyright  © 2012.