Performance Task Assessment List


 Earned Assessment
 Self  Teacher
The central theme of the skit presents a concept that is appropriate to the assignment.      
The concept is presented accurately.      
The actors have important parts in conveying the concepts and information.      
The story of the skit is interesting and helps to present the
information accurately.
The actions of each actor mesh well and help to convey the information accurately.      
Props and/or costumes are chosen to support the characters and also present the information accurately.      
Music and other sound effects support the story line and also present the information accurately.      
Dialogue support the development of the characters and the plot as well as the presentation of accurate information.      
The skit was rehearsed sufficiently.      
The audience could easily hear and see the skit.      
The skit is entertaining to the audience.      

Adapted from materials develooped by Pomperaug Regional School District, Middlebury, CT
Through an agreement with the Maryland Assessment Consortium, permission is granted to Maryland Public Schools to reproduce this material for non-profit, educational use.