Panel Discussion Evaluation

 Panel Group:  Student:
 Points  0 1 2 3
Level of understanding of the subject matter demonstrated by presenter  not much at all a minimal amount a respectable amount a tremendous amount
Logical organization of information presented impossible to follow  difficult to follow somewhat clear extremely clear
Information presented covers all subsidiary questions or subtopics no questions or subtopics covered few questions or subtopics covered  most questions or subtopics covered  all questions or subtopics covered 
Enthusiasm of presenter about the topic  not at all enthusiastic seemed mildly interested  seemed very interested  obviously very enthusiastic 
Level of oral communication skills exhibited by presenter extremely poor  minimally adequate  acceptable  excellent 
Effort reflected in presentation hardly any at all  enough to "get by" a respectable amount  a tremendous amount
Demonstration of courtesy to other panel members extremely poor   minimally adequate   acceptable   excellent  
Length of presentation followed time requirement  inadequate acceptable   good  excellent 
Responses to audience questions inadequate  acceptable  good  excellent 

 Total Points