Performance Task Assessment
Pamphlet or Brochure

 Earned Assessment
Content/Form of the Pamphlet
Pamphlet shows evidence of effective research and understanding of concepts relevant to unit concepts.
Pamphlet reflects accurate, specific, purposeful information that is extended and expanded to fully explain the topic. 
Supporting details are used effectively to help explain the concepts.
There are few grammatical or spelling mistakes and the vocabulary is appropriate to both the content and the audience.
Capitalization and punctuation are correct throughout the pamphlet.
Pictures, diagrams, and other visuals are well chosen and help to accomplish the purpose of each chapter or section.
Each chapter or section has a clear main idea supported by interesting and accurate information.
The pamphlet or brochure is well organized and the format is well designed.
The cover is attractive and appropriate for the topic.. 
Excellent references have been found and cited correctly on the back of the brochure.
Presentation of Pamphlet
Voice quality is effective including appropriate rate, volume, articulation, and enthusiasm.
Body language is effectively used including appropriate eye contact, posture, and body movement.
The speaker uses the pamphlet effectively in the presentation without reading it to the audience.
Length of the presentation conforms to allotted time frame.
The speaker gives the audience time to think and take notes.
The speaker responds well to questions during and/or following the multimedia presentation.
The speaker checks audience's understanding of concepts following the presentation.

Adapted by Joyce Caldwell, July 2003 from materials developed by Pomperaug Regional School District, Middlebury, CT
Through an agreement with the Maryland Assessment Consortium, permission is granted to Maryland Public Schools to reproduce this material for non-profit, educational use.