Performance Task Assessment List
Oral Report with Visuals



 Earned Assessment
 Self  Teacher
The Content      
Concepts are accurately presented.      
Supporting details are used to help explain the concepts.      
The vocabulary is appropriate to both the content and the audience.      
Visuals including pictures, diagrams, photographs, videos, and other props are used appropriately to support the presentation.      
Description of each arifact clearly identifies its use by the culture.      
There is a clear beginning, an organized body, and a clear closure.      
The Presentation      
 Voice quality: rate, volume, articulation, enthusiasm.      
 Positive humor is used appropriately.      
 Body language: eye contact, posture, body movement.      
 Attire: neat and presentable.      
 The speaker gives the audience time to think.      
 The speaker responds well to questions.      

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