Performance Task Assessment List
Newspaper Article
 Earned Assessment
Self  Teacher
The headline of the article catches the attention of the reader and relates well to the topic.      
The lead (or first sentence) captures the attention of the reader and sums up the focus of the story.      
The introductory paragraph tells the most important facts and answers the questions: who, what, where, when, why, and how.      
Details and elaboration are evident in the body of the news story and flow smoothly from the lead.      
Quotes are used to add interest and support to the story.      
The piece is a factual account of a news worthy event.      
The writer is objective and shows all sides to an issue.      
The subject chosen by the student is timely, important, and/or interesting.      
The sources for this news story are identified and are reliable.      
The vocabulary is correct., The student uses words carefully to show exact meaning and is careful not to show bias through his/her choice of words.      
The article is mechanically correct.      
The work is neat and presentable.      

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