Performance Task Assessment List
Expository (Nonfiction) Writing

 Earned Assessment
 Self  Teacher
 Graphic organizer and outlines show work to explore, research,
collect, select information, and focus ideas.
The Writing      
 The writing demonstrates an ability to interpret ideas meaningfully in
 The "big idea" of the paper is interesting and clear.      
All the main ideas are clearly related to the "big idea."      
 The main ideas are organized into a logical sequence.      
 The transitions from one main idea to the next are smooth.      
 There are enough appropriate and accurate details to support each
main idea.
 The choice of words is appropriate, varied, and creates a natural
 The mechanics and grammar are integral to the meaning and effect
of the writing.
 Stylistic variety and choice are evident in elements of rhetoric such
as diction, syntax, structure, and figurative language.
 The paper is neat and presentable.      


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