Performance Task Assessment List
Investigating a Controversial Issue


 Earned Assessment
 Self  Teacher
The student gathers sufficient information and support materials for his/her position.      
The student uses material from newspapers, magazines, news
reports, and resource materials.
The student organizes the information and prepares an argument for his/her position.      
Sufficient examples and details are used to support the argument.      
The position/argument is clearly stated.      
The student listens to, asks probing questions about, and
understands the opposing position.
The student is able to state the strengths and weaknesses of each position.      
 The student discusses the positions/arguments with his/her opponent criticizing ideas, not the person. Listening is active and polite.      
 Opposing students try to reach a consensus or develop an alternative. Evidence of compromising is noted.      
 The student writes a 1-2 page paper and/or a letter to an editor supporting the position he/she finally supported.      





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