Performance Task Assessment List

 Earned Assessment
 Self  Teacher
 The main theme is clear when you first look at it. A title helps to
identify the theme.
 Appropriate and accurate main ideas support the theme.      
 There is a wholeness about the brochure. It does not seem like a
collection of information.
 The information in the poster is accurate and shows that the student
thoroughly understands the concepts.
 Space, shapes, textures, and colors provide information themselves
and add to the over-all effectiveness of the brochure.
Pictures, photographs, drawings, diagrams, graphs, or other similar
devices add to the over-all effectiveness of the brochure.
 The format of the brochure is appropriate to the task and to the audience for which it is intended.      
 The brochure accomplishes its purpose with its intended audience.      
 The brochure is very neat and presentable.      
 The brochure is creative and interesting.      

 1995 Pomperaug Regional School District, Middlebury, CT
Through an agreement with the Maryland Assessment Consortium, permission is granted to Maryland Public Schools to reproduce this material for non-profit, educational use.