Performance Task Assessment List
Designing a Webpage


 Earned Assessment
 Self  Teacher
CONTENT Accuracy: There are no errors in capitalization, usage, punctuation, or spelling (C-U-P-S). Information is trustworthy and up-to-date.      
Organization: Information is categorized and presented in a meaningful order. Matches the graphic organizer used to categorize information.      
Clarity: Form, audience, topic, and purpose are well defined (FAT-P). Links relate to the topic and graphics and/or multimedia enhance the content.      
DESIGN Layout: Use of headings, bullets, tables, centering, and indents create a balanced format.       
Navigation: Navigation aids are used to easily move about within the website.      
Advanced Techniques (optional): Use of tables, forms, frames, and/or multimedia enhance presentation of information.      
Graphics: Enhance the design form and load properly.      
FILE STRUCTURE Naming: Use lower case, limited to 8 characters, dashes, dots, or spaces.      
Folder/file Hierarchy: Include a root folder containing html pages/folders and image folder.      
Formats: All files use appropriate file suffixes (text - html or pdf; images- gif or jpeg; multimedia- appropriate for OS).      
Size: Reduce graphic and html files to smallest acceptable size to allow for faster load time in browser.      



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