Using Internet Information

The Internet offers a wide variety of information on all kinds of topics. You will examine a number of websites to gather information to answer the questions that you developed. Be sure to have a copy of those questions available to you as you work.

Some Important Tips!!!
Don't forget to look at links on each site, and explore the ones that sound most promising.
Use the back button to return to each original site and explore some more!
Once at a site, remember to scan the information carefully to find answers to the questions that you have listed. Save only those words, phrases, and ideas which are clearly related to your questions.
Paraphrase rather than copy word-for-word from your sources. Keep only the best and most relevant information!
Make sure that you cite the source when you take notes from any of these or other websites. Your citation should look something like this:

   Library of Congress Country Studies. Library of
    Congress. 13 Jul. 1999 <http://locweb2.loc.
More helpful information for searching the Web: