Reflective Paragraph

In a coherent paragraph of at least five sentences, reflect on your progress in your research thus far. Remember to include a topic sentence, supporting details, and a conclusion. Your teacher may add other specifics to be included in this paragraph.

The paragraph may be assessed using the following scoring tool (or a similar one):



You may earn up to _____ possible points for your paragraph. In order to attain those points, you will need to have each of the following items.


 Possible Points

 Your Points


 Topic sentence      
 Supporting details      
 No more than _____ spelling or usage errors.      
 Manuscript form      

Note: One of your classmates may be asked to peer check your paragraph. As the writer, you may then write agree or disagree (with an explanation) for any of the items. Your teacher will then review and check your paragraph. Final assessment will be made by the teacher.