Just as a wide variety of media (books, magazines, videos, the Internet) are potential sources for information on any given topic, so too are a wide variety of human beings! Interviewing can provide a source of helpful information and bring a topic to life for the researcher.

Interviews should be conducted with someone who is knowledgeable about your topic. Complete the following planning sheet in preparation for your interview.

Planning the Interview

a list of potential places where you might find a person to interview about your topic. Write them here:

a list of potential peoplewhom you might be able to interview about your topic. Write the list here:


Of all the places and people listed above, which ONE would you most likely be able to contact and why?


What plan could you develop in order to make this potential interview a reality? In other words, what efforts could you make in order to make it happen? List the possible steps.

List at least FIVE good questions (ones that would result in detailed responses) that you could ask an interviewee about your topic. Remember to look back at the questions that are guiding your research.



Conducting the Interview

Contact the person you would like to interview and set up a time and place for the interview. If the interviewee is a stranger, conduct the interview by phone or be sure to take a parent along with you.


Tape record (with written permission from the interviewee) or take notes during the interview.