Creating a PowerPoint Presentation

 Getting Started

1. Open PowerPoint.

2. Select: Template.

3. Choose a template.

4. Follow directions on screen to complete the first slide.


 Adding a New Slide

1. From the Common Tasks window, select New Slide (or go to the Insert menu and select New Slide).

2.Select the auto layout and click okay.


 Adding Text

1. Click once in the text box.

2. Type the text. Size, style, and font can be changed by using the Format menu.


 Inserting a Graphic

1. Double click in a graphics box. The Clipart database will load.

2. Select the clipart and click the Insert button.

3. If more choices are needed, click on Clips On Line and search.

4. Select the clipart and click the Insert button.


 Deleting a Box

1. Click once in the box to select it.

2. Press the delete key.


 Slide Transitions

 A slide transition is the action that occurs to change one slide to the next. It is best to wait until all the slides have been created before working with transitions. Choose one transition and apply it to all slides to maintain consistency.

1. Go to the Slide Show menu and select Slide Transition.

2. Select the transition and click the Apply to All button.


 Viewing the Slide Show

1. In the lower left corner of the window, there are 5 icons. When the pointer is held over them, words appear.

2. Click the icon for the Slide Show.


 Returning to the Slide View

1. While in the Slide Show mode, press the escape key.

2. The Slide View mode will appear.