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-one author Author Last Name, First Name. Title.  
    Place of publication: Publisher, date
    of publication.
Potok, Chaim. The Chosen. New York: Fawcett Crest,
-two authors Author Last Name, First Name. Title.
    Place of publication: Publisher, date
     of publication.
Lawrence, Jerome, and Robert Lee. The Night Thoreau      Spent in Jail. Toronto: Bantam, 1970.
-several authors Author Last Name, First Name, et al. Title.
    Place of publication: Publisher, date
     of publication.
Chafe, William H., et al. Civilities and Civil Rights. New
     York: Oxford UP, 1980.
-editor Editor Last Name, First Name, ed. Title.     Place of publication: Publisher, date
     of publication.
Engberg, Robert, ed. John Muir Summering in the Sierra.
     Madison, Wisconsin: U of Wisconsin Press,


Author Last Name, First Name. "Article
     Title." Encyclopedia Title. Year of
Helms, Ronald. "Electric Light." World Book
     Encyclopedia. 1995 ed.
-no author "Article Title." Encyclopedia Title. Year of
"Carat." Encyclopedia Americana. 1995 ed.


Author Last Name, First Name. "Article
     Title." Magazine name.Date published:      inclusive pages.
Hackworth, Col. David H. "Terms of Forgiveness."
     Newsweek. 24 Apr. 1995: 38-40.
 - no author Article Title." Magazine name. Date
     published: inclusive pages.
"Soccer, the World's Most Popular Game." Time. 10      Oct.1969: 11-17.


Author Last Name, First Name. "Article
     Title." Magazine name Volume number
     (Date published): inclusive pages.
Cline, C.L. "Quasi Adventures in Literary Scholarship."
     Texas Quarterly. 20 (1977): 36-42.


Author Last Name, First Name. "Article
     Title." Newspaper name. Day Month
     year published: Section & page
Hunt, Albert R. "Clinton Needs Fewer Reinventions and
     More Consistency." The Wall Street Journal. 10 Jl.
     1995: A11-12.
  - no author Article Title." Newspaper name. Day
     Month year published: Section & page
"The City of Baltimore Changes Tax Base." Baltimore      Sun. 3 Dec. 1977: 2:23.

Work in  an Anthology

Critic Last Name, First Name. "Work
      Title." Anthology Title. Volume
      number. Editor. Place Published:
      Publisher, date published. inclusive
Davidson, Clilfford. "MacBeth; an Atypical Tragedy."
     Readings on Macabeth. Ed. Clarice Swisher. San      Diego: Greenhaven Press, 1999. 91-97.

Book Review

Name of reviewer. "Title of review." Rev.
     of Book title, by Author of book.
     Magazine title day month and year:
     inclusive pages
Ricker-Wilson. "When the Mockingbird Becomes an
     Albatross." Rev. of To Kill a Mockingbird, by J.D.      Salinger. English Journal Mar. 1998: 20-22.


Author of introduction Last name, First
     name. "Introduction title." Title of book.
    Place of publication: Publisher, date
     published. inclusive pages.
Matthessen, F.A. "Introduction." The Oxford Book of      American Verse. New York: Oxford UP, 1960.      ix-xxxiii.


- government Government agency. Title. Place of
     publication: Publisher, date of
State of Maryland Department of Education. Great
     Moments in Maryland's History: Three Centuries of      Historical Events. Annapolis: Printing Office, 1971.
 - other Editor's Last Name, First Name, ed. "Title."      Title of series. Place of publication:      Publisher, date of publication. Skabelund, Grant Paul, ed. "Argentina." Culturgram '98.      Provo, Brigham Young U, 1997.


Interview Subject Last Name, First Name.
     Type and Topic of Interview. Place of
     interview. Date of interview.
Silk, Karen. Personal interview on importance of health      class. Baltimore, Maryland. 29 Jan. 1995.


Title. Director. Distributor, Year. It's a Wonderful Life. Dir. Frank Capra. RKO, 1946.

Television Program

Episode Title." Program Title.
     Narr./Prod./Dir. First Name Last
     Name where appropriate. Network.
     Station, City. Date.
"Fear of Violence in the Elderly." Narr. Lynn Scherr.      Dir. Norm Gorin. Sixty Minutes. CBS. 16 Oct.      1989.

World Wide Web

Author's Last Name, First Name. " Title."
     Date posted. <Web address> Access
Abilock, Debbie. "Choose the best search engine for your      information." 22 March 1      <
     research/adviceengine.html> 12 Apr. 1999.
 - no author " Title." <Web address> Access date.  "Abortion Ethics."<
     abortion.html> 29 Mar. 2001.

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