Performance Assessments




Scoring tools were created by Baltimore County Public Schools Office of Library Information Services, using Rubistar Rubric Generator, including models developed by the Maryland Assessment Consortium and the Maryland State Department of Education. . Want to make your own rubric? Click Rubistar !


Sell a product.
crossword puzzle
Create a puzzle based on your topic.
folk tale/fairy tale
Write and illustrate a tale.
Create a pamphlet describing a place or product.
Construct a fun activity for a small group.
Give your opinion.
Write a letter about your topic.
Write a short article about your topic.
Publish a magazine about your topic.
Compose a script for a radio ot tv show.

Construct a tool to conduct a survey.

Write a play about your topic.

Write a series of diary entries to tell a story.
Prepare a test for your classmates to test their knowledge.
constructed response
Write a narrative about your topic .

Last update: August, 2005
Created by: Art Stritch , Baltimore County Public Schools

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