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21st Century Skills

Targeted Websites

Use these websites to locate information that helps you to answer your research questions and media to illustrate information in your research presentation (images, sound files, or video).

Additional Media Resources:

Photographs from the Great Depression (
Stock Market Crash (Time)
Sharecropper Families
| Tenant Farmers (Library of Congress photos)
Sharecropper Photo Gallery (Life Magazine)
Photographs of Signs Enforcing Racial Discrimination (Library of Congress)
What was Jim Crow? (Ferris State Univeristy Musuem of Racist Memorabilia)
Jim Crow in America Photos (Shmoop)
School De-segregation Photos (Anti-Defamation League)

SEARCH for Media:
Wikimedia Commons
Documenting America (Library of Congress American Memory)
New York Public Library Digital Gallery

Using Webpages:

  • Scan webpage text for keywords from your research questions.
  • Skim to note text features and identify main ideas in the text.


Do a keyword search in one of these BCPS Databases* to locate articles, websites, or media about your topic:

World Book Student
SIRS Discoverer

Student Resources in Context


*Special usernames and passwords are required for home access to the databases; see your library media specialist for a handout.

Search Tools

Do a keyword search for additional websites about your topic in
Destiny Webpath Express or net Trekker:


Using Databases:

  • Use the database's Help Menu, Search Tips, or Navigation Guide for help.
  • Note the reading levels of articles in your database search results.
  • Use the database's embedded dictionary feature to define unfamiliar words you encounter in the articles.
  • Listen to the Read-Aloud audio/MP3 version of the article as you read.
  • Cite your source using the correct format for an article from an online database; the original source of the article may be an encyclopedia, magazine, newspaper, etc.

Locating Images and Media:

  • In SIRS Discoverer, do a keyword search and click on the Pictures tab
  • In SIRS, do a keyword search and then click Graphics/Media on the Narrow Your Results sidebar.
  • In netTrekker, click on Image Search on the right sidebar under Features.
Print Resources, People, and Places

School Library:Destiny

  • Do a keyword search in your school's
    Destiny Library Catalog to find nonfiction
    and reference books
    about your topic.

Baltimore County Public Library:bcpl logo

  • Do a keyword search in the BCPL Catalog
    to locate additional resources.

Virtual Reference Service:

  • Chat online with a real live librarian at Ask Us Now! Be sure to have your research questions handy.


Reginald F. Lewis Museum museum logo
of Maryland African American History and Culture:

  • Visit the museum located in downtown Baltimore
    to learn more about your topic.

Using Print Resources:

  • Use the index or table of contents in nonfiction and reference books to locate information related to your topic and questions.
  • Check the indexes of general encyclopedias for articles about your topic.



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