BCPS Research Models

Middle School: Visual & Performing Arts


    • Landscapes (Slam Dunk) How do artists use the landscape to communicate their observations about ecology and the interaction of man-made materials with the natural environment?
    • Self-Portraits (Slam Dunk) 
      How does an artist use art elements to create the principles of design in order to convey personal ideas?
    • Still Life (Slam Dunk) 
      How do artists use compositional and media techniques to communicate intended effects in a still life composition?


    • World Dance Forms (Slam Dunk) PDF | PowerPoint*
      How does knowing about societal, cultural, historical, and community experience expand dance literacy?


*PDF versions of Slam Dunks have been created to enable direct links to some BCPS digital content. If you wish to modify the Slam Dunk lesson, edit the PowerPoint file, and then save it as a PDF and post the PDF on a Lesson Tile.