BCPS Research Models
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Middle School: Social Studies

Grade 6

  • Amazon Rainforest (Slam Dunk)  
    How does the Amazon rainforest meet the economic wants of people throughout the world?
  • China Economy  (Slam Dunk) 
    How would you ensure that China continues to have economic growth in order to increase standard of living for the people of China? 
  • India: Economic Development (Slam Dunk)
    How would you economically develop South Asia in order to raise the standard of living?
  • Journey to Japan (ORM)
    How do traditional values, beliefs, and institutions
    play a role in today's Japanese society?
  • The Legacy of Ancient China (ORM)
    What were the important contributions from Ancient Chinese dynasties and how did these contributions influence European and Asian culture?
  • Pre-Columbian Societies (ORM)
    How can you apply criteria used to define a civilization to the Pre-Columbian societies?
  • The Tokugawa Period of Japan (Slam Dunk) 
     How did the Tokugawa Period impact the people of Japan?

Grade 7

  • Africa: Economic Development (Slam Dunk)
    How would you economically develop an African country in order to raise the standard of living? 
  • Age of Reason (Slam Dunk) 
    How did the Enlightenment and the Scientific Revolution change people's perceptions of the world?
  • Islam (Slam Dunk)
    How do the beliefs and practices of Islam impact the daily lives of its followers?
  • Medieval Europe (ORM)
    How did a particular group or institution influence the culture during the Middle Ages?
  • United Nations: Consequences of War (Slam Dunk)
    How did the world wars of the 20th century change the way countries interact with each other?

Grade 8