BCPS Research Models
person running
Middle School: Health & Physical Education

    Grade 6-8

    • Alcohol (Slam Dunk) 
      How can you avoid the dangers of alcohol?
    • Bullying (Slam Dunk) 
      What are the characteristics of a friend versus a bully?
    • Bullying (Special Education) (Slam Dunk) 
      How can you appropriately respond to and prevent bullying?
    • Drug Abuse (ORM)
      How do decisions I make now concerning drug use affect my future?
    • Families  (Slam Dunk) 
      What is a family?
    • Handwashing  (Slam Dunk) 
      How are germs spread?
    • Heart Disease  (Slam Dunk) 
      How can you prevent heart disease?
    • Marijuana: Where Do You Stand? (Slam Dunk) 
      Why should marijuana be legalized or remain illegal?
    • Pedestrian Safety  (Slam Dunk)
      How can we be safe in the world in which we and be more aware of our surroundings?
    • Physical Activity  (Slam Dunk) 
      How can you evaluate physical activities in order to determine which exercises/activities benefit your body the most?  
    • What's in a Label? (Slam Dunk) 
      How can you evaluate nutritional information in order to determine which breakfast foods are the healthiest? 

    Grade 8

    • Pregnancy (Slam Dunk)
      How does a fetus develop?