BCPS Research Models

Middle School: Digital Citizenship

    Grades 6-8

    • Digital Life (Slam Dunk)
      How does digital media play an important role in my life?
    • Safety Online (Slam Dunk)
      What measures can I take to stay safe online?
    • Digital Identity (Slam Dunk)
      How could the way I present myself online carry both benefits and risks?
    • Digital Footprint and Reputation (Slam Dunk)
      How can I control my digital footprint and its effects on my reputation?
    • Digital Drama (Slam Dunk)
      How could digital drama like cyberbullying affect my life and the lives of others?
    • Gender Stereotypes Online (Slam Dunk)
      What are gender stereotypes, and how can they shape our experiences online?
      Strategic Searching (Slam Dunk)
      How can I conduct efficient and effective online searches?
    • Test Before You Trust (Slam Dunk) 
      How can I evaluate the quality of the online resources I find?
    • Creative Credit and Copyright (Slam Dunk)
      Why is it important that I know my rights and responsibilities as a user and a creator of media?

    *Alternative lessons and a BCPS One Test/Quiz for each of these topics are available in BCPS One under the Course Map for MS DIgital Citizenship.