BCPS Research Models

Elementary: Science


    Grade 1

    • Constellations (Slam Dunk)
      Why does a constellation seem to move in the night sky?

    Grade 2

    • Beach Erosion (Slam Dunk)
      How can we prevent beach erosion?
    • Earth Changes (Slam Dunk)
      How does the earth’s surface change over time?
    • Interdependence (Slam Dunk)
      Why are organisms interdependent?
    • Parts of a Plant (Slam Dunk)
      How do plants access the resources they need to survive?
    • Seed Dispersal (Slam Dunk)
      How do plants depend on animals to disperse their seeds?

    Grade 3

    Grade 4

    • Earthquakes (Slam Dunk)
      What are earthquakes and how can we prepare for them?
    • Energy Forms (Slam Dunk)
      How are different forms of energy used?

    Grade 5

    • Hands on Habitat (ORM)
      How do individuals and groups of organisms interact with each other and their environment?  Are the interactions beneficial or harmful to the environment?