BCPS Research Models

Elementary: Science


    Grade 1

    • Constellations (Slam Dunk)
      Why does a constellation seem to move in the night sky?

    Grade 2

    • Beach Erosion (Slam Dunk)
      How can we prevent beach erosion?
    • Earth Changes (Slam Dunk)
      How does the earth’s surface change over time?
    • Interdependence (Slam Dunk)
      Why are organisms interdependent?
    • Parts of a Plant (Slam Dunk)
      How do plants access the resources they need to survive?
    • Seed Dispersal (Slam Dunk)
      How do plants depend on animals to disperse their seeds?

    Grade 3

    Grade 4

    • Earthquakes (Slam Dunk)
      What are earthquakes and how can we prepare for them?
    • Energy Forms (Slam Dunk)
      How are different forms of energy used?

    Grade 5

    • Hands on Habitat (ORM)
      How do individuals and groups of organisms interact with each other and their environment?  Are the interactions beneficial or harmful to the environment?
    • Oh, Deer ... (Slam Dunk) PDF | PowerPoint*
      How can humans and deer live and thrive in a shared environment?

*PDF versions of Slam Dunks have been created to enable direct links to some BCPS digital content. If you wish to modify the Slam Dunk lesson, edit the PowerPoint file, and then save it as a PDF and post the PDF on a Lesson Tile.