Curriculum Alignment

From Abacus to Computer

The Modernization of Cultural Values

Research Process

Directions to Students


Our rapidly changing modern society is having a great impact on cultures around the world. Your World Cultures class has been involved in a discussion of positive and negative effects of modernization on cultural values. Your local PBS station is planning to hold a panel discussion on this topic and has invited you to be a participant. The topic will be:

Essential Question:

How has modernization affected the survival of cultural values in modern society?

Task and Product

Choose an aspect of one of the cultures you have studied and research how modernization has had an impact on its cultural aspects. Prepare a presentation to inform your audience how the influences of modernization have affected this aspect of culture. To prepare for your part in the panel discussion, you will read and evaluate a variety of texts on the cultural aspect you have chosen. You need to assess the information for objectivity and its presentation of all sides of the issue.

After completing your research you will use your findings to create an oral report with visuals for disseminating your information to your audience.


You will be graded on your daily work on the research process as well as on your final product.


Essential question

How has modernization affected the survival of cultural values in modern society?

Choose one country for your research.

Select from this list of possible countries.

Next, choose one topic from this aspects of culture chart for your research.

Subsidiary questions

Jump start your thinking! Here are some sample questions; think of more that fit your topic. A graphic organizer may be helpful to brainstorm questions and to plan research.

  • How important was rice to the culture of Ancient China?
  • How important is rice in the diet of modern Chinese people?
  • Has a change in diet in China affected the rice industry?
  • How has modernization influenced rice and its place in the modern culture in China?

Organizational Helps

Gather and Sort

 Gather information from a variety of sources.

Using Books and Nonprint - scroll down to:

  • Previewing and Evaluating Potential Usefulness of Nonfiction Books
  • Previewing and Evaluating Potential Usefulness of Nonprint Resources

Evaluating Websites for Authenticity...This skill lesson would be extremely helpful for evaluating web sites.

Sort your findings using a graphic organizer when taking notes.

Remember to cite your references. Check the MLA guidelines and examples for citing resources; however, your school may use a different format.

To avoid risking plagiarism, properly paraphrase and quote in your writing.


Analyze your research notes to determine if you have answered the essential question.

Essential question

How has modernization affected the survival of cultural values in modern society?

Synthesize your findings by creating the first draft of your presentation for the panel discussion.

  • What new insights have emerged about your topics?
  • Which facts are the most compelling and would have the greatest impact on your audience?

Create your presentation.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your presentation.

  • Have you gathered sufficient details about your topic?
  • Are your details organized in the right categories or sub-topics to make sense for your audience?




Present your oral report as a part of the panel discussion on the effect of modernization on the survival of cultural values.

During the sharing phase of presentations, use this chart to record the most relevant and important information.

Use this chart to help you organize your notes from this discussion.


How has modernization impacted both negatively and positively the culture of one country that you have studied this year?

Write a few paragraphs discussing how you evaluated the information that you used about your cultural aspect for adequacy, accuracy, and appropriateness. Include any examples of propaganda or persuasion that you found in your research.


Take time to think about the research process you just completed.

Story of my research process...

  • What changes did you make to your original plan?
  • What worked and what didn't work?
  • What did you learn about yourself as a researcher?

Follow these guidelines to help you to prepare your reflection.  


Last update: August , 2001
Created by Phyllis Fullem and Joyce Caldwell, Library Media Specialists, BCPS Summer Curriculum Development Workshops, July 2001
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