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Do a keyword search for information from authoritative and reliable sources using BCPS-licensed digital resources. Click icon below to access the Digital Content portal.

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No passwords are needed when using computers at school. See your library media specialist for usernames and passwords required for home access to these resources.

Do a keyword search for relevant websites in Destiny or net Trekker:

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Targeted Resources:

Safari Montage videos
BrainPop Videos
Promethean Flipcharts

Historical map from World Book Online -

American Civil War: Divided Nation

Use the HELP portal for each database to learn more about effective use of digital resources.






Do a keyword search to locate information from authoritative and reliable resources.

  • "Civil War" soldiers
  • "American Civil War" medicine
  • "United States Civil War" battles
  • Other keywords specific to your topic



Web 2.0 Resources
21st Century Skills:
Lessons/ Tutorials
Targeted Websites
Specific Directions and Skills
African American soldiers Letters and Diaries Soldier's Life
Authors (Irene Hunt, Gary Paulsen, or Michael Shaara) Abraham Lincoln Spies

British Role

Medical Practices Uniforms
Battles Navies

Union Army Generals

Causes of the Civil War Photography Weaponry
Children Soldiers Poetry and Song Women's Roles
Confederate Army Generals Prisoner of War Camps  
Gettysburg Soldiers in Battle General Resources (links to many topics)

Remember to keep the difference between Primary Resources (soldiers' letters and diaries) and Secondary Resources (encyclopedia and wiki articles) in mind as you use these websites.

General Resources & Gateway Sites (with links to many topics)

African American soldiers



British Role

Causes of the Civil War

Children soldiers

Confederate Army Commanders and Generals


Letters and Diaries (Primary Sources)

Lincoln and the Civil War

Medical Practices in the Civil War

Navies & Ironclads


Poetry and Song

Prisoner of War Camps

Soldiers in Battle

Soldier's Life

Spies in the Civil War


Union Army Commanders and Generals

Weaponry of the Civil War

Women in the Civil War

Local Print and Non-print Resources

School Library holdings

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Do a keyword search in the DESTINY catalog to find nonfiction and reference books about your topic.

Use indexes or tables of contents in nonfiction and reference books to locate information related to your topic and questions. Check the indexes of print encyclopedias for articles about your topic.