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Gather Information about
Global Warming
from a Variety of Sources

Information Literacy Skills:
Reference sheets and lessons for using resources effectively

Click icon to access the database portal. No passwords are needed when using computers at school. See your library media specialist for login and passwords when using databases at home.

Locate information from authoratative and reliable resources using the following search terms:

  • global warming
  • ozone
  • climate change
  • greenhouse effect



Also, use the HELP portal for each database to learn more about effective search strategies.

Internet Resources Skills


Local Print and Nonprint Resources Skills
School Library holdings
  • Do a keyword search in Destiny to find nonfiction, reference books, and web sites about your topic.
  • Use indexes or tables of contents in nonfiction and reference books to locate information related to your topic and questions.
  • Check the indexes of print and CD ROM encyclopedias for articles about your topic.
Baltimore County Public Library holdings
  • Do a keyword search in the BCPL Catalog to locate additional resources.
  • Chat online with a real live librarian at Ask Us Now! Be sure to have your research questions handy!