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Gather Information about
World Hunger
from a Variety of Sources

Information Literacy Skills:
Reference sheets and lessons for using resources effectively
All Digital Content is now found in BCPS One. Teachers, Students, Parents and Staff may visit https://bcpsone.bcps.org to view these offerings.

Locate information from authoratative and reliable resources using the following search terms:

  • world hunger
  • food scarcity
  • malnutrition
  • your hotspot: Haiti; Zambia; Ethiopia; Colombia; Bolvia; Afghanistan; Bangladesh; North Korea; Mali; or Swaziland

Also, use the HELP portal for each database to learn more about effective search strategies.

Internet Resources Skills

Background information about world hunger:

Health effects of malnutrition:

Causes of world hunger:

Hotspots around the world:

Guide to personal action:


Local Print and Nonprint Resources Skills
School Library holdings
  • Do a keyword search in the Automated Library Catalog to find nonfiction and reference books about your topic.
  • Use indexes or tables of contents in nonfiction and reference books to locate information related to your topic and questions.
  • Check the indexes of print and CD ROM encyclopedias for articles about your topic.
Baltimore County Public Library holdings
  • Do a keyword search in the BCPL Catalog to locate additional resources.
  • Going to the Public Library? Use a graphic organizer before you go (print out a graphic organizer worksheet in Word or PDF format).
  • Chat online with a real live librarian at Ask Us Now! Be sure to have your research questions handy!