Changing Landforms

You are going to go on a field trip.  You will try to find different types of landforms.  You will look for these 3 landforms: mountains , hills, and plains.  However, it may be difficult to find them because the landforms can be changed by different factors.

Bulldozer Big Question:

How do landforms change?

Mountain Climber
You will do the following:
Products Your final product will be to:
  • create a model of changing landforms out of play dough (directions: html; Word);
  • and create a picture of changing landforms in KidPix Deluxe 3 (directions: html; Word).
Assessments Wind and Water Experiments assessment - html; Word

Rock Experiment assessment - html; Word

Picture assessment - html; Word

Model assessment - html; Word


monkey asking question

Bulldozer Big Question:

How do landforms change?

More Questions:

Little questions:

What are 3 types of landforms?

What is erosion?

  • Click to Launch.
  • Drop down to the letter E under Pick the Letter.
  • Click on Erosion.

What is weathering?

How does weathering affect landforms?

How do humans affect landforms?

How does erosion affect landforms?

Gather and Sort
Analyze and Explain
  • Complete the checklist as you analyze your work: html; Word.
  • Use your picture and model to explain how landforms change.
Reflect and Extent On your field trip what landforms did you see?  How did the landforms look before and after they had changed?  What can you do to stop more changes to these landforms? Write this in a journal: html; Word.

Created by Nancy Lysakovski and Gee Gee Pfeffer

Last update: August 2009

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