Guidelines for Use of BCPS Safari Montage™


All content produced by BCPS employees and uploaded to Safari Montage™ must comply with the copyright laws and the BCPS Superintendent's Policy and Rule 6002, Evaluation and Selection of Instructional Materials.


Media content produced and uploaded by BCPS employees may be downloaded and duplicated as indicated and enabled by the software.  

LIS is responsible for coordinating the purchase of digital rights to commercial media content, uploading licensed content, cataloging/metadata tagging, and managing access timeframe as specified by the digital rights licensing agreement. 


  1. Reformatting physical copies of media, such as videocassettes and DVD’s, or uploading content downloaded from streaming media sources for the purpose of redistribution on Safari Montage™ is prohibited.

Making Permanent Links to Safari Content in Curriculum

Request for Uploading Content to the Safari WAN Server

Is It Legal to Copy a DVD Onto My School District's Digital Delivery System?
Judith Koss, Vice President of Legal and Business Affairs, Safari Montage, Library Video Company, and Schlessinger Media

Directions on How to Upload Content on School Safari Montage Server

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