Requesting Permission to Use Copyrighted Materials

If a work is protected by the copyright law, is not in the public domain, and does not meet the criteria for fair use or another exception, you must obtain permission from the copyright holder in order to reproduce, modify, display, perform, or distribute the copyrighted work.


Permission should be obtained prior to using those works by using the Copyright Permission Request Form A (Rule 1120).

All permissions to use a copyrighted work shall be maintained by the school/office that requested the permission and shall be kept on file at least as long as the permission period and in accordance with the BCPS records retention schedule.
Employees and students shall obtain prior permission from the copyright owner to copy, modify, display, perform, or distribute copyrighted works in the course of writing and producing systemic BCPS copyrighted publications or productions, not limited to curriculum guides, reports, and media productions.
Copyright Permission Request Form A (Rule 1120).
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